January 8, 2010

Things I would love to do, or accomplish!

So I seem to have several goals, but lately I am not achieveing them really. So I thought maybe if I can get them down in writing it might help!! Some are big, and some not so much. Some might not seem like a goal, but more like an accomplishment, or maybe just something I really want to do. But here are things I want to get done. Do not laugh, for they are important to me for some reason, or other. Some are far fetched, and will never happen. But they are fun to think about. They are not in any order, or timeline.

1-finish school- I have more than enough credits, I just can't seem to get this whole math thing down. Whoever invented Algebra should be punished. I am not saying tarred and feathered punishment, but maybe stuck on a bus ride that lasts forever full of smelly people and horrible little children.

2-Get sealed in the Temple with my husband. Yah it hasn't happened yet due to deployments and moving a lot.

3-Visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany!! This is the #1 thing on my bucket list of things to do. I ache to be able to go to Germany. I really want to get a passport and have my first stamp be Germany. I want to see the Berlin wall, I want to see Aushcwitz, and experience that. I would love to see Mont Blanc in the Alps!

4-Phantom of the Opera has been a huge facination for me since Mrs. Johnson in 7th grade showed us a film of it. I have yet to be able to find that same film, but I fell in love with the story, and the music. I have always wanted to see it performed live since 7th grade! I came really close 2 years ago, but the same month it came to San Diego, Chuck received a transfer, so it escaped me once again. But someday I would love to be able to experience the show! I would love to go on a tour of the Paris Opera House as well. I think that would be an incredible experience.

5-Sing in front of people again. I used to do this a lot. I have no idea if I was good or not, but I loved to perform!

6-Perform in the Nutcracker on Pointe. I took ballet lesson's for 13 years, and I miss it terribley. I should get back into it out here, but at the same time I am afraid I will be awful! But I would really love to be able to dance and perform again. I love dancing in front of others. I know that might sound a little weird. I don't mean pole dancing or anything like that, but I loved it when I was on the drill team, and I loved ballet recitals. I always wanted to be a snowflake in the Nutcracker, or a swan in Swan Lake. Hopefully someday I can achieve this goal!

7-Read the Book of Mormon. Now some of you might roll your eyes at this, but I figure. If I am truly going to be educated, or be able to know what I talk about, or feel. I should be able to read the book and know for myself. A lot of people make judgement calls about how they do not like the mormon religion. My guess is they are basing their opinion off of members, or maybe restrictions we give ourselves in the religion, not the religion itself. I would like to be able to truly know what it is all about. So I have made the goal, to read it by conference. Hopefully I can meet that goal.

8-Visit as many Temples as I can. I feel ashamed to say I grew up in Utah with several beautiful Temples available to visit, or see. And I have only seen or been to a few. I have seen Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake. That isn't very many at all. I mean even if you aren't a member, or you don't have a reccomend....visit as many as you can. Each one has incredible architecture. They are really beautiful structures. And I feel bad for not visiting more. I want to not only see them, but experience them. If that makes sense. But I really think it is a waste of life if I don't go see all the Temples that I possibley can. ;0)


Well I am out of time for now on this one. I will add to it later.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. My favorite German Castle is Eltz, it has been in the same family since it was built, and it has original frescos and furniture still inside. Maybe if Chuck gets some time off sometime you could fly out here and stay with us while waiting for a hop out of BWI, they go out to Germany a couple of times a week from here, and it costs around $20 for a military chartered commercial flight. (It's business class and they feed you)

    I have also wondered about the Phantom movie Ms J had, I wish I could find a copy of it too. Paul took me to see Phantom for the first time when we were dating, and it was really cool.