January 28, 2010

Wasting Time and Lovin it!

Today is just one of those days so far, where I just don't want to do anything. Yes I now the day is half over, but I don't want to clean, or study, or anything. I mean I do want my house to be cleaner, and I want to read and study. And I am reading a very good book right now. But I just feel like sitting here and accomplishing a whole lot of nothing! lol

I got accepted to Institute, after first being denied. I didn't understand why they turned me down, but after they did so I wrote them and told them why I wasn't going to school, and that I really wanted to learn more. I really wasn't understanding the whole turn me down thing, since it is free, and they encourage you to bring friends!!! :0) So I asked if I could at least sit at the back of the room and not participate, but just listen. And she wrote back after talking to the teacher, and they decided to say yes!! Woohoo So I am going to take a Book of Mormon class, Doctorine and Covenants, and a prep class for temple marriage. I think it will all be very good and I hope I learn what I need, and want out of it.

So I am really enjoying Windows 7. It is a little different, and some things I have no idea about. But It is pretty user friendly. I like it, and am learning how to use it. One thing I like is the cool web cam program on my computer. It is sooo fun to play with. And it will sure come in handy when Chuck is away.
Chuck has been really busy lately. I feel like we haven't had any time together in months. In October he was gone the entire month. In November he got 1 day off I think, because Toys for Tots took up so much of his time. And I helped out as much as I could with it, so I could at least see him. But it's not like we were talking or anything. I would be in the bay sorting toys, and he would be in his office working. But at least we could see each other. Then in December it was the same story. He got 2 days off, but one of them he still had to go in for an hour or so to work. lol January he has been prepping for this Huge inspection from Washington. It started the day of his birthday. :0( He is done with it now, and he passed!! YES!! But he just has to fix a few things right now. We are hoping that he can take tomorrow off, and we have the day planned with a few things, but knowing Chuck he will work half the day. See that is the good thing and bad thing about him. He is such a hard worker, and takes his work very seriousely. He takes care of his Marines before himself. But at the same time, it's been non stop 4 months of this, and we both need some us time! But oh well. This is what we signed up for I guess. It's just sometimes a girl needs to whine about it! lol

Spanky has been very active at our house. He comes by almost daily to eat our dried corn on the cobb we leave out for him. We bought it last summer or fall, and he never took an interest in it. But I think now that it is winter he is enjoying it...since pickins are slim for him. He is pretty fun to watch. He has gained some weight, and looks a little chunky. But I am not judging!! lol His coat looks really healthy to. I can stand by our front window near him, and he doesn't mind. I can even open the window and stand there, and he is fine with it. But once I step onto the porch, he is outta here. lol

Well I guess this is enough babbling for now. ;0) I should clean up the house a little before the hubs comes home. lol Love you all

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. Now that you have your new snazzy web cam you should download skype so we can video chat!