January 29, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting!

Gone are the days where adults are needed to really babysit. Gone are the days where the babysitting bag is needed and you bring fun toys or games over. Gone are the days of supervising the kids to make sure they have fun or stay out of trouble. In are the days of electronic babysitters. In are the days of the Wii!! LOL Yesterday my beautiful friend texted me to see if Chuck and I could watch her kids while she had a nice night out with friends, and took a class since her husband was out of town. We both said yes since we had nothing else planned. We stopped by McDonald's on our way and got some chicken nuggets for the kids. I had my babysitting bag with a few things to do in it, and some good ole movies like Sinbad (cartoon), The tale of Desperoux, and G-Force. But the kids were Hadley interested. The thing that had their attention was the Wii. And who can blame them....that thing is awesome. They were hysterical, and so entertaining. They screamed and jumped, and really got into the game running around. All Chuck and I could do was sit back and laugh. I think we were just as entertained as they were. I wonder if I look like that when racing Chuck!! lol
Bedtime rolled around, and it wasn't to bad getting them to calm down and all climb in bed. We were going to do one story in the girls room, but as it turned out that wasn't deemed fair by all, so we read one story to each kid in their room if they promised to get into bed. I think the funnest one was Wells and his Ogre book. It was very cute, and that book might have to find a home here. lol But the best was by far little Dean. He was struggling to stay awake, and he really fought it. He didn't want to sleep, but once his music was turned on, and the lights went out, he was toast. Oh and he was sooo cute. He curled up on my lap, and had his blanket and stuffed animal. Ohhh my heart just ached when he did that. ;0) He was sooo cute and sweet!
After everyone was in bed, Chuck watched HGTV, and I did some scripture reading. All in all it was a good night. Then around midnight my girl Nicole and I got onto our computers, and chatted until 3am!! lol oops! ha ha ha Here are some pics and the cutest video of the kids jumping around winning their game!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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