January 17, 2010

The Hurt Locker!

I just watched The Hurt Locker, and it was pretty good. I don't really think that it was the best movie of the year as some are saying, but it was good. There was a lot of truth to it, and I think that is what made it hard to watch. I hate the fact that I can't go with Chuck when he goes to Iraq. I really wish I could deploy with him and experience the things that he does.
But overall the movie was good to see, and is worth it. It really is a true depiction of what it is really like...Even down to the poor boys body they packed with explosives. The movie does leave a few questions that you aren't sure of. Like is the little boy who is dead Beckham? Or is the little boy at the end Beckham? I guess if I watch it again then I will be able to tell...I think. And the Hadji that dropped off the Bomb suit guy...Did he drop him off at the wrong house?
Has anyone else watched it? What did you think?

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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