January 27, 2010

Wish List- Yes Please!

So after playing around on Amazon for a little to long, I found out that you can create a wish list, and anyone can access it! All you do is go to Amazon click on wish list, and then type in the person's e-mail addy. I think it is very brilliant, and suggest all to try it. It is an easy way for my husband to keep up with my interests, and for him to find something cheap and easy and painless for a gift that he knows I will like. Also for those with family far away.....They can find something you want, without having to ask that question of.....what do you want. Because let's face it folks....no one wants to ask that question, and no one wants to tell someone else what to buy them. And so you can just add gobs of stuff to your list, and then if someone likes you enough...they just might buy something for you off of the list. :0) I think it is a very smart thing.
Has anyone else done this at all? You can even have your older kids, and spouse make one, so you can keep up with what they like! :0) Awesome! I would love to hear feedback on what you all think.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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