January 25, 2010

Shopping Spree!

So Friday morning Chuck took off early for 2 days. Battalion sent down 4 funerals for the weekend, and 3 were in Clearlake. So instead of driving up twice, they opted to keep the Marines over night. So I decided I would take myself out for a shopping spree with my gift cards I got for my birthday and Christmas. :0) The way to my heart can be with something sparklie, or a gift card. lol So I got myself all dressed up and took myself out shopping. First stop was the Seagull bookstore. Unfortunately the corporate office decided that our particular branch was not making enough money to stay open, so they are closing them down. :0( So I spent a few hours in the store, and came out with some good loot! I got 6 books, and the George Washington @ Valley Forge picture we have always wanted! Thanks my mommy!! :0) The girl who always helps me in Seagull hid my receipt in my Joseph Smith Journal's book, and when I got home I found it. It said: "You are my favorite customer! You always bring such a big smile and warm spirit in with you. Thank you" She left me her number and told me to keep in touch! :0) When I read that I kind of teared up a little. That really meant a lot to me that she would write something like that to me. She is sooo cute! And it really meant a lot that, that is how some people see me. I think I have created such a bad image in my head of how I see myself, that I think that is how others see me to.
So the second stop on the shopping spree was of course Borders!!! They were having a sale, so that made my shopping even better! I was able to buy 4 books and get the 5th free! Thanks Chuck!!!! I love free things! And I also was able to find a $3 bargain book! Yeagh for bargains!!!!
I took my loot home, and spread it out all over the floor to play with it. Then the sisters called me, and asked if they could come over early the next morning to bake gobs of cookies. I could never tell those girls no, so I started to pick up the house a little. I was pretty tired, and decided I would finish up in the morning. I fed the dogs, showered, and climbed in bed only to not be able to fall asleep. So I decided if I was laying in bed awake I was wasting time. So it was waste time which I hate doing, or clean the house, which is a never ending chore. So I got up and washed a load of dishes at 1 a.m.! Yah I know I am nuts.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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