January 12, 2010

Book Signing

In October after Chuck left I was determined not to sit around and become a couch potato even though I wasn't feeling 100% yet. So I was attending the Temple every day. M-Sat I would do one to two sessions just to make myself feel like I was contributing to something. One day I stopped by the local Borders book store to poke around and see if I could find anything interesting. I ran into a very interesting woman who shared with me a really cool website called Good Reads. Apparently you can enter in all the books you own, and have a digital library. You select books you are reading, want to read, and rate books you have read. It is really fun. Also some authors tend to post on this site as well. This girl introduced me to some great books called Wicked Lovely, and so as I was snooping around on this site Good Reads, I found an events page. On the Page I found one of my favorite Authors had released another book in a series I thought she had ended. I was super excited to see this. I looked around some more, and found she was having a signing not to far from here, and I decided I had to go. Now if you know me well, you know that I do not navigate well without the mountains to guide me. And so frankly I really stink at finding anything in California!! lol But I printed off some directions, and with a friend we managed to make it to Kepler's Books in Menlo Park! ;0) I was so proud of us, and we only made one wrong turn. So I thought we were doing pretty darn well. We made it to the Angie Sage signing, and we weren't even late! I know you are all shocked and amazed at the fact that I made it in one piece. It was pretty fun. I loved listening to Angie talk about her writing process, and how she breaks the characters down into sections, and what she does if she gets blocked while writing. I find it rewarding to read great books, but to be able to listen to an author expose herself a little to the world about her personal writing habits, I find it a really neat privilege to be able to be a part of it. She was really nice, and so fun. Angie had a contest if you pulled a questing stone from the jar you won a prize. Well when it came down to it, no one had pulled a stone, so we all went back and tried again. Still no one got a questing stone. So we all tried 2 more times, and finally a few of us got some. I actually got a questing stone, and won a gift certificate from Angie, and got to keep the stone as well. After that we had a question and answer session, and then Angie signed books for us. I waited until the very end to let all the kids go in front of me first. I bought a few of the books I already had but I wanted them signed by her so I would have a complete set! ;0) Here are a few pictures, and after another wrong turn we finally made it home safe and sound. It was really awesome to be able to go. I hope to attend another one soon.

XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. I am chronically lost, and GPS has saved my life. I don't know how I lived before! Not only can I find my way home, but I also love the feature where I can look up specific stores while I am out and get directions.

    I think military families should consider them mandatory with how often we move, it's great to go into a new city and be able to find your way around right away.

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