January 18, 2010

Avatar Review!

Oh how amazing and beautiful this movie is! For a while now I have been very disappointed by the movies that are being made. It seems like they are getting made to fast, without enough love and care put into them. You know almost like each production company is just trying to put out as many as possible. They make the previews look awesome, but then it turns out that they put all the best scenes into the preview. So really if you just watch the preview, you saw the movie. So it is safe to say that my faith in movies lately has been a little low. Disney has come through lately...Up was good. But several others have really dropped the ball.
So back to Avatar. The details were amazing, and the world of Pandora was beautiful! Now yes I am partial to my Boy Jake Sully...(Yes I even have an action figure of him as a Na'Vi) and he is a Marine......But the effort that was put into this movie really shows. James Cameron really makes an effort to make his movies correct, and the way he wants them. You can tell he has really tried to not release junk, and be very good at his job! He has made some really great movies...The Abyss (one of my favorites), True Lies, the Terminator movies, Aliens, and Aliens IV, Titanic, and the TV series I loved, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. So you can see he has really done his job well over the last few years.
The world of Pandora is very beautiful. You can tell a lot of effort went into detail for the planet. The animals and insects are pretty neat as well. The rhino looking thing is one of my favorites. But by far the DireHorse, or Pa'Li is my favorite.....I think I want one! But Chuck really wants the Dragon bird thing called an Ikran. They are pretty neat as well. Or the Toruk. But all of the animals you see are really great! I love the Tree of Souls. It is pretty cool. Everything is really great in this movie, and watching it in 3-D made it even better. I am thinking I will ave to see it again! lol
I do recommend all to go see it. I really think it hits a wide spectrum of viewers. I hope you like!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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