January 20, 2010

Gamer Review!

This movie looked wicked awesome!! Like a Death Race meets Doomsday type of movie. It looked great! A real action type movie!!! And I love me some good Gerard Butler!! lol So Chuck and I jumped in bed this evening to partake in some good movie watching. It started off rough, and just never really picked up. It had great bone structure to be a super awesome movie, but I really expected more! The game itself was awesome and full of action and it was good. But the Sim type game was crap, and kind of weird and creepy...And what was with Michael Hall-the Ken Castle character? If he was such a big baddie then shouldn't he have had a bigger fight scene, or role, or had more of a struggle at the end? The ending was lame, and I was just disappointed by it. I expected it to be juicy and meatier than it was. I was really wanting another Death Race type movie, but alas it had good parts, but it just wasn't all that.
So I am disappointed, and I say don't waste your time with this one folks, unless it's free, and you have nothing else to do, and you don't mind getting a little grossed out by the nasty naked guy in the wheelchair!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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