January 7, 2010

Walking on Air

So I decided to try this whole blog thing out, and see where it leads me. I am not to sure about all this, and am questioning my sanity as I put this whole thing together. I mean do I really want people to hear my inner most thoughts? Who do I invite to this thing? And how do I keep those I don't want to read it away? Although these are all great questions, I am not sure on how to answer them at the moment, and so I will just charge forward with it for now.
So as I am listening to Walking on Air by: Kerli, and a little Lacuna Coil. I will give you a brief introduction of myself. Please ignore all the typos, and other accidents in my blog. It's mine, and it's my imperfections. ;0)
Guten Tag! I am Andrea Carla, I am (cough)29 for a few more days, and I currently live in Walnut Creek, California. It is about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco. I am married to a United States Marine, and the Marine Corps for 9 years now. My only children, are my two beautiful dogs Paige and Harley. We also have 2 zebra finches, and 2 society finches in the family. I have moved give or take about 30 times in my life, and enjoy the fresh start, but hate the packing and saying goodbye part.
Well that seems like enough of an introduction. lol Today I am just trying to get this all operational. While sitting here, I noticed the spot on the carpet where some in-law children recently colored my cream carpet with an oarnge marker! Why would a parent let their child do this you ask...I have no idea. I mean I get that you can't be watching your youngsters at all times. But doesn't it seem logical that when you are visiting someone's home for the 1st time, you would keep an eye on them constantly to make sure that they are behaving themselves? Now I know I can't be to harsh, because I do not have children. But C'mon!!! So I took to the carpet when I noticed this, with a small bowl of warm water and dissolved Oxi-Clean and a toothbrush. I scrubbed my little heart out, and got the stain out. But now that I am looking at it......It is a much lighter shade then the rest of the carpet. Ughhhh So now should I get out my carpet shampooer and add oxi clean to each load, and hope for the best, and just clean the carpets? Or just rub some dirt into the light spot? lol
Recently I found a long lost friend whom I hadn't talked to in ohhhhh about 17 years. This said person seems to be able to do and have it all. How do they do it? I am just amazed by her. I mean the talent that she must have in her one pinky finger I think is more than I have in my entire being. And she has kids, and is a military wife on top of that! So I applaud you...you Wonderwoman! You are the one we all strive to be, and the one we all watch in awe! You are amazing, talented, beautiful, and a decent kind person on top of that! You serve your country well.
So Christmas is still out all over my house. I have been down with a cold for almost 3 weeks now. And in the last week, it turned into the flu. Happy New Year to Me! No but really if you know me, I am always sick. For some unkown reason my immune system has a very hard time fighting things off. So when my husband gets sick for a day, I get sick for a few weeks. I think it's pennence for being such a difficult teenager! lol But back to the whole christmas being all over my house, I really love having it out, but I think it is time it should go away. I wait all year to get this stuff out, and I am so sad to put it away. Is this normal? I mean does that mean my house decorations are normally drab? I know I am a clutter bug, but what's up? As soon as I have the strength to pull out all storage bins, then I will put all the christmas away. And yes I said all the bins....is it bad I have more than 6? I love christmas stuff. It's so cheery and it brightens a normally dreary time of year. Maybe I need to re-arrange the house. Is that weird that I do that a lot? I mean it makes everything so fresh and different, and new. Does anyone else do that? Or did my beautiful sister start me into a bad habbit? lol Sorry KK, but it's true, you would always move your bedroom around, and so monkey see monkey do, and you created a monster! lol
So I will wind this one down. I am trying to keep you all updated on my crafty room adventures, being married to the Marine Corps, and my hopes, dreams, love, lost love, good books, movies, and goals!
If you have suggestions, I am open to it. I love you all!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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