February 26, 2010

Purge....I say...Purge!!

Not to be out done by the Bain's at all, I simply have to say that I as well cleaned my room today. And what did I find on the floor?

10 everyday shirts
6 Marine Corps shirts
16 Tank Tops
2 sweaters
1 Ty baby crab
1 belt
1 Nightie
1 pair of slacks
17 Jammy shorts
38 YMCA Shirts (and that was not even close to all of them)
and last but not least
2 over the shoulder boulder holders!!

I feel so refreshed after purging my closet. I still need to do it again, but I think I need to work a little harder on things I am willing to get rid of. But not bad for an afternoon right? ha ha ha Now I am watching the movie 12 Rounds...I will do a review on it later.

XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. In getting ready to move, I packed up my bookshelves. And Kirin's. I filled 4 banana boxes with books to donate to the library (3 have been dropped off already). 1 box of baby books, for the next person I know to get pregnant. 2 boxes of baby books for my nephew. Only 9 boxes worth made the *keep* cut.

  2. I just have to know what a ty baby crab is...as first i thought it said crap, but that just wouldn't be right! Let's keep getting rid of stuff!

  3. lol....Dayna....a Ty baby is those little bean babies. For some reason they keep appearing in my home and I have no idea how! lol The bean baby was really popular for a while, but now they seem to just annoy me! lol