February 27, 2010

I might die!! The end is near........

Yesterday we received a letter in the mail that I thought was junk. Normally I throw this stuff out, and I almost did with this one. But by chance today I opened it. And what did I find? A recall letter for something I got Chuck at Christmas time. I got him Blue Raspberry Sugar Floss. Well apparently something is really really wrong with our batch. They didn't say what was in it that was so bad, but they did say slivers of something. The instructions to get rid of it, weren't just throw it out, but to destroy it in a certain way. Then they said the FDA would be contacting me about this. ;-O I am a little concerned!! They also said we had to document the destruction of the floss, and the box. So here are the pics from the event.

We could die, and we don't even know what from!!! This has been such a trying time for us. We don't know how we could get through this without Bud and Paige.....If we never see each other again....Just know that we love you all!!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. Ummmm, I have a question...how did they know you HAD it??? Weird. Just weird.

  2. Well..Caitland I could answer you back with a snotty sisterly response, but just know......Big Brother is always watching! ;0) Company Records K.k. ;0) lol Luv ya.

    And yes I thought the pouring of the bleach part was a little weird...but hey we followed everything, wich made it more fun for the pictures...The bloody box was our idea. ha ha ha