February 26, 2010

Stake Temple night

I had every intention of going to the Stake Temple night last night. I thought it would be fun, and instead of being crowded in the small cramped room like Ward Temple night....We would be in the large room. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about how crowded it would be. I mean it's not like a normal stake back home, where it is just a few wards. This is a massive massive stake. I am talking like the Kent Concert Hall big from USU...But me being me....I was still determined to go. I was really going to be lucky to get there on time, because I am busy every Thursday from 5-6pm so I was going to have to rush afterwards to beat through the evening traffic, make it through the tunnel, and then get to the Temple on time.

In my TuTe (Institute) class 2 of the guys there work every Thursday at the Temple....I think that is pretty awesome! They are already creating an amazing lifestyle for themselves and I think that is very admirable. Last night was their first night officiating!!! For those who don't understand....It means they were running the show, the Ring leader if you will. Well Jeff was officiating at 5, and there was no way I could make his since I would be already occupied at the time. Nick told me he was officiating at 8, and asked me to come if it fit in my schedule....I thought about it, but was pretty set on the fact that I was going to Stake Temple night. I said thanks, but didn't think I could, since I was starting at 7 and his was 8. The more I thought about it thought, the more sane it sounded. I mean really me fighting to find a parking spot against the entire stake at 7? Am I mentally insane?

Yesterday I had a good class at Tute....they never seem long enough, and I am sad that Tues/Thurs are only one class.....I like my two class days. But as the day went on, I just seemed to be in an awnry mood. The Hubs really irritated me, I had to cancel on the sisters (which I hate, hate to do!), and I felt like wringing the young and stupid neck of the Michael's employee.... (Breath in.....Breath out....ZEN...ZEN...ZEN...) So the more I thought about it, the more I thought I really shouldn't purposely piss myself off ya know....So I opted to go to the 8 pm session, and at least support Nick.

Sometimes I amaze myself at how I talk myself into something and it turns out to be the best idea!! lol My trip to the Temple was fun and relaxing. I was able to unwind in the car with my own personal concert and signing at the top of my lungs!!! Sometimes it is nice to do that when no one else is in the car. And whenever I go to the Temple....I have that 20 minutes or so depending on traffic of being by myself and listening to whatever I want and singing as loud as I want! lol So back to the Temple....I pulled into the parking lot Singing Emma very very loudly I might add...(I wonder if you can hear me outside of the car?) I drove around and around looking for a parking splotch, but alas I could not find one. I was not about to park across the street in the dark lonely parking lot. So I drove behind and below the temple, and what do ya know I found one at the very bottom of the parking lot. Could I feel the burn as I hiked up the lot to the top? Oh yah...Was I about to die? Oh heck yah!!! lol But once I got in the Temple it all died away. I think the Temple is my once place I am safe. Safe from the world, safe from others, and I can be truly calm and relaxed. I can never experience that anywhere else. I think maybe that is why I enjoy going so much...it is an amazing feeling to feel so calm. And especially when I run on high all the time it can be exhausting to be me, and be around me all the time! lol

When I walked in, Nick was standing at the front. He looked a little surprised to see me. I don't blame him since I had kinda said I didn't think I could come. I thought maybe Jeff would be there, but nope. He did a great job, and I never saw him even make 1 mistake! Way to go Nick...Woot Woot!!! It did get so loud from the stake session getting out, that we could hear them during our session, and I was surprised at that....Don't forget kids...we use our whispering voices when inside the Temple!! lol

The evening was awesome, and it was really nice and relaxing...Also I think it was my first session where I didn't feel like falling asleep!!! I know shocking!! Maybe it was because it was so late at night, or maybe it was because I couldn't fall asleep when a friend is officiating....that would be rude! Maybe I should go to Nick and Jeff's sessions more often. It will help me be more alert perhaps!! lol After I was done, I thought there was one more session, so I hurried around to do one more, but alas everyone was gone!!! BLAST!!! So I changed over, and went and sat in the lobby to record in my Temple Journal who I helped this time. I keep track of everyone I have ever helped!! I have everyone but one person's name! I have a personal goal of helping at the very least 100 people before the end of this year. Anyone want to help me with that? On the way out of the Temple of course the close up parking lot was empty as could be. So I walked all by my onesies to the lower lot, and then to the even lower lot which I call outer darkness...because it was literally in the dark. I try to do what my mommy taught me, and park under a light when I am by myself. And since I am a country bumpkin in the city I try to abide by that as often as possible But this time I parked as close as I could. I swear every sense on me was on alert. I am sure nothing would have happened, but if you know me, everything seems to happen to me. I would say Bad things are drawn to me.....now you might say that is a bleak look on life. I say it is me accepting what is, and being prepared at all times. I hurried as fast as I could down the hill to my car, jumped in, locked the doors...and vroom me and Bells (my cars name) were off! lol Of course I hit traffic on the way home, but that gave me more concert time in the car. Now this was great going at this time, but I was so hyper afterwards and just high on life. lol Here are a few pics for entertainment..

Well that is all for now. Love you all, and I can't wait to see you all at the Temple again!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Paige Upset with me for leaving her to go to my TuTe class. lol My little Princess!

Harley not wanting me to go to the Temple when Chuck is trying to trim his nails! He is such a Mommy's boy! lol And he really isn't a lap dog even though he thinks he is! lol

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