February 22, 2010

Confessions from a neglected Kitchen

Take 2. So I figured out why Aubin's amazing lunch was so great and the meat so moist, and why mine was so dry. It had to do with the POT! No I didn't make special brownies...I am talking about the pot I used to cook in. Apparently it does matter what you use to cook in. Who woulda thunk?!!! So Aubin used a cast Iron pot. I ran around town with Chuck and we tried to find a good el-cheapo one. They are not that cheap. In fact the first one I found was this awesome fiery red Le Creuset. It looked awesome, and I thought even though it wouldn't match the Cobalt Blue theme in my kitchen....it would still look great. I picked up the box and walked around the store a little more with Chuck looking at other things in Bed Bath and Beyond, and coveting some things as well. Then I looked at the box in my arms....and almost dropped the heavy thing. It had a price tag of $265.00!!! Talk about Sticker shock! I have no idea why it is so much more. So we walked back to the cast iron pot area, and settled on a much much cheaper pot that I am sure is just as good. lol

When I got home, I re-searched more about these cast iron pots, and ordered some handle replacements for mine, because apparently they are only good up to 400 in the oven. Above that and your handle melts off. I figured I should save myself the mess, and just get the metal handle because knowing me I would forget it would melt, and ruin the thing.

I decided to try Aubin's recipe again since we still had some leftover veggies. So I threw in an entire frozen Chicken. Then I added a diced onion, some squash, or zucchini (I can't tell the difference) And some of Mrs. Dash's onion garlic spices. I once again threw it in the oven at 450 for an hour. and waited to see what happened. When I pulled it out, it looked like it needed about 20 more minutes. But after that it was just fine. And it tasted great. Although I have to say I do not like Chicken with bone. I think it tastes to greasy. But the Chicken was so moist it was almost falling off of the bone. And the veggies tasted great!! I have to say this was a huge success!!!

Next for Take 2 was I made some more of T's amazing Banana bread. This time I made more of the streusel topping because I felt last time it was just not enough to double the streusel topping and split between the two. So I think I tripled it for each. And even though it tastes Uber good....I think it was a little much. So I am thinking a double batch for each loaf will be good for next time. It just made the bread very heavy. But it did taste pretty darn good. Here is a pic or two of the before and after.

And now for something new!!! A while ago my amazing husband got me a kitchen Aid mixer. Not because I am such a great cook, but I think in hopes of me becoming one. I think it was a motivational gift. ha ha ha I have wanted one for the last 10 years, but I think Chuck just couldn't justify getting one because I am not that great of friends with my kitchen. I love my kitchen....It's just sometimes we don't get along! lol So I think he was hoping something good might come out of it! lol And so it has. Thanks to a nifty little gadget that hooks onto the front of it...I can now squeeze Orange Juice with little to no effort. I think it is amazing...and even though I only made a slight mess.....I squeezed an entire bag of oranges in only a few minutes. ;0) Sweet I know!! Here is a pic of my masterpiece!! I love you all, and thanks for reading....Don't forget to become a follower...just click on the top left side of my screen, and sign in.

XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. Yumm...I'm gonna try that veggie chicken meal for Chris and I one of these nights. Nice and healthy! You will conquer your kitchen if it's the last thing you do LOL!

    BTW- The diff between a squash and a zucchinis... a squash is yellow, a zucchini is green. TADA

  2. The chicken looks delicious!