March 9, 2011

5 blissful hours!

I know it's not always nice to brag.....but I have to. My little man slept 5 whole hours last night!!! Yah I know I was shocked!!!! It is the first time since he has been born that he has slept that long. I was pretty darn thrilled. Now I did not get that much sleep as I was waiting for him to wake up for his midnight feeding since it wasn't that far off.....only thing is....he didn't wake for it. So I finally went to sleep.....But it was good getting a little extra sleep in. lol

Now that did cause Riley's schedule to be off today. He wanted to eat almost hourly....but he would only want an ounce at a time. Then he only took 2 of his naps. But he still let me make dinner for us tonight. I haven't mastered the whole making dinner thing with a baby yet.....but I am trying. I got the ingredients yesterday, but was to tired dealing with Mr. fussy buckets to make it. So during Riley's late afternoon nap I made my Chicken casserole. I would check on Riley each time I was done chopping up the meat, celery, and onion to restart the vibrating music box so that he would stay asleep longer. It was nice to be able to have Chuck come home to a hot meal. ;0)

This month is Chuck's big inspection at work. Normally they had the thing in January right after Toys for Tots, and that was pretty rough as everyone was still cleaning up from that and trying to get ready for an inspection that Battalion comes down from Washington to do. Luckily this year someone moved it back so that the guys had some time to prepare.
I hate inspections. I mean I completely understand why they are necessary. Everyone needs to make sure all the T's are crossed and the I's dotted so that when something goes can be handled properly. Not that I am saying something is going to go wrong. But being prepared and up to date on all records, will help the shop run more efficiently, and ensure that there aren't as many mistakes happening. But I hate them. I know they need to happen, but watching Chuck stress as well as everyone else in the shop for weeks trying to make sure they have all their ducks in a row so they look good in the inspection, and make the shop look good. I just hate seeing everyone stressed. I wish I could help Chuck prepare.....but there is nothing I can do as I know pretty much nothing about all his paperwork and such.
Chuck is hoping to get an award from this unit before he leaves. I can't remember the name of it. I know he doesn't have one yet, and it is one above the N.A.M....I hope he gets it as I see how much he cares about his job and makes sure things run smoothly. In order to maybe get that medal....this inspection needs to go well. So here is to hoping and praying that things go well. The big inspection is next week.

Well I need to get a little sleep before Riley wakes up. Night all

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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