March 6, 2011

All alone!!

I am not to sure how I feel about this. Tonight will be Riley's first night not spending it in our room. He will probably end up in our room. But so far he is fine with sleeping in his crib. I have always laid him down to nap in his crib so he is used to it. And I am pretty certain I am having more of a problem with this than he is. But today Chuck took Riley to work with him for 7+ hours so I could rest, and now he is sleeping all alone in his own room. What's next? College tomorrow? I feel bad that I am all of the sudden abandoning him. Maybe I should set up a makeshift bed in his room so I will feel better about it. ha ha ha

We have a temperature monitor for his room, and a day/night video monitor as well. So I can see him and know if he is to cold or hot since our house is old and hard to keep the temperature even.

Well we will see how it all works out. Wish us luck that mommy doesn't have a nervous breakdown, and baby sleeps well through the night.

Aughhhh my Anxiety might get the better of me!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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