March 28, 2011

Blessings and Anxiety

We got to bless Riley on March 27, 2011 It was really great, and we even had people we are very close to there. Riley was dressed up very handsome, and even wore his new white pom pom hat! lol

Riley did great during his blessing and didn't become one of those babies that ends up screaming the entire time. lol It all happened so quickly that it was over before I knew it. And when Chuck held him up in front of the congregation.....everyone sighed at how cute he is!!!

After his blessing we went to lunch and ate at Ihop! ;0) While we were at the restaurant my anxiety suddenly flared up and I felt like walking across the isle and snatching Riley up. I felt like I had to protect him, but am not sure why. It was a weird feeling. But other than that It was a great day!
Monday was a semi productive day. Riley seems to be feeling better each day. He has been slowly eating a little more and I am so thankful for that. He has been approved to see an occupational therapist to asses his eating and such. I hope someone figures out something for this little guy! Monday night Riley slept for 5 hours straight!!!
Tuesday Riley and I went to our mommy and me class again. This class was on feelings, and Depression. It was fun for everyone to share/vent in the class and just know that most of the moms in there are going through a hard time as they try to figure out being a mommy. After the class....we all stayed in the class room for an hour afterwards to visit with each other. Riley and I left after an hour when some of the group started to break up. He got really fussy and so I hurried outside so he would have something else to think about besides crying. He quieted down right away, and turned back into his happy little self. Right as we were crossing the street.....a HUGE and MASSIVE fire truck comes barreling down the road towards us. Lights flashing, siren wailing, and horn blaring.....we hurried as fast as we could out of the way. Riley's eyes got really big and then this look of utter terror crossed over his face. I felt so bad. I ran across the street and once across snatched him right out of his carrier to sooth him. The poor little guy was pretty shaken up by it. ;0( I felt awful.

When we got home, Chuck was working on his bike in the driveway. We had the windows in the house open as it was a nice 70 outside. And Riley and I picked up in the house a little. Chuck ran a few errands, and Riley took a nice long 3 hour nap! I should have napped with him, but I really needed to get some things done around the house.

When Chuck got back, he had picked up some Subway, and the movie Tangled I had reserved at the Disney Store! We fed Riley put him to bed and Chuck and I crawled into bed and ate dinner and watched Tangled. We had offered for Riley to be a third wheel and watch it with us.....but he declined and slept for 5 hours again!!! I could really get used to his sleeping this long. lol

Today is Wednesday, and it has been a hot, hot day. Chuck and I were still pretty tired when we woke, so we stayed in bed for a little bit and fed Riley. We all hung out for a bit before Chuck had to go in for a half day of work. Riley took a 2 hour nap and I finished working on his birth announcements and thank you cards. Chuck came home and we walked to Walgreens to get some postage stamps so I can mail it all out tomorrow. We didn't walk very far, but I somehow managed to get sunburned! Yah....lame!

Our House is hot! It is almost 10p.m. and it is still 80 in here!! We have all the windows open and the fans on. Riley is in his Dah duh ta da's (diapers) and the poor little man is still warm.

Well I need to find something to eat for today. I am tired and hungry!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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