March 14, 2011

Military Wife awards

I want to invent something for wives to get awards when husbands do, or when they get promoted. You know sometimes the wife sacrifices as well so the husband can get the job done.

In the first unit we were of the wives got an award for basically putting up with the Corps, and all the things wives go through when her husband picked up rank. I thought it was pretty cool and have wondered how to do that for other wives. For sure it would be up to the husband to determine if one should be given. I mean some wives have more than earned it, and some not so much. But you know our Guys get N.A.M.' maybe we can give one to the wives as well. I mean there really is no harm in it. It's not like we can wear it anywhere, but it is the thought behind it, and I am sure more than a few wives would be proud to display the certificate in her home.

I think when we get back into the fleet I will try to bring it up to the Key volunteers. It sounds like a great idea, I am just not sure if there are any hoops that need to be jumped through for it to happen.

I would love some of the wives opinions who read this. What do you think? Would you like to be recognized for your hard work and sacrifice to the Corps?

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. I'll keep this short n sweet: I like the idea of it, because some women really do go above and beyond. I especially like the idea that the husband would have to determine whether or not the wife earns it. I could see that backfiring, but... if she really deserves it, there probably wouldn't be any backfiring because he'll be supporting her. On the contrary, I could see wives making it all about themselves instead of their husbands (and some women already walk around like they own their husbands' ranks as it is -cold hard truth-), and this might be another way for women to become more catty, gossipy, and jealous of one another. Gotta be careful about that. I see how the motive behind the idea is good, but I can see how if misinterpreted or misused, it could become pretty bad. Oops. So much for short and sweet. lol! Sorry. :)