March 26, 2011

Rainy Days

The last two weekends have been rainy. I don't mind....but it is cold, and I do not like that. lol It is funny how one who isn't from Cali thinks that all our days are sunny and bright. ha ha ha Yah not so much.

Riley hasn't been feeling so hot. His reflux has really been acting up. He throws up more than he used to, and his appetite is diminishing. So I called the Dr. and we got in for an appointment that day. It turns out that in almost a month....Riley has only gained 9oz. He is still in the 8lb. area. ;0( I love our little guy, but he is so tiny. I just worry about him a lot. So his Dr. put him on meds. Hopefully this will help him. We go back in a few weeks for more shots and a check up. I have to admit I am not looking forward to the shots. Especially after what the last ones did to him. Poor little man.

I have been getting excited about our big move to the San Diego area. Even though I will really miss it up here....Chuck and I love San Diego. We spent the first 8 years of our marriage there. We have a bad habit of saying we want to do things or go places and then we never do. We were in the San Diego area for 8 years, and we never went to the zoo. We only visited the Wild Animal Park 2 maybe 3 times. We never went to Balboa park, Chuck never went to The Con with me. And so many more things. We always said we would go....and just sort of never made it. But this time we are for sure doing these things. We are going to get a pass to The Zoo, and to SeaWorld and take Riley very often. We can take him to LegoLand, and the best part.....We are so going to be taking him to DisneyLand several times a year since it will once again be only 2 hours away!!! ;0) I miss living so close to Disney. And you know Chuck and I have been so many times that When we go now....we have like 3 rides we want to go on, and that is it. We just love to go and walk around and spend the day at the park. We aren't pushed for time to make it on all the rides or anything. So we can go around and enjoy the park. And that will be fun so we can track down all the characters and get pics of them with Riley. And I can continue to do these fun things with Riley when Chuck deploys so he won't feel like fun things only happen when dad is around. And when we are having a rough will be a great option to distract us with the zoo or something. ;0)

I have really been enjoying being a part of the blogging world. I love finding great recipes, crafts, and ideas for activities for Riley. Like a friend had a scavenger hunt for St. Patrick's day for the kids. And with a name like Riley Patrick....we have to do something fun for him every year for St. Patty's day. Also Easter egg hunts really late at night, or early in the morning when it is still dark and Riley would need a flashlight to find the eggs. lol I love these ideas. lol Or things on how to keep a kid entertained during General Conference so they pay attention somewhat and not use the time to nap. There are really a lot of talented people out there in the world, and I love that we are able to tap into that. And it helps us less crafty individuals be a little crafty. I have great ideas for's just getting those ideas from my head to the project table is next to impossible. lol

Riley is going to be blessed this Sunday. I am super excited and nervous for Chuck as well. I hope he feels comfortable with what he is going to say for our son. We have asked a few of our friends to help with the blessing, so it will be pretty neat for everyone involved. Riley's outfit is super cute. I wish he could wear the blessing outfit that was made for him, but since he is so will be a while before it will fit him. I am going to try one more time for him to wear it, but I am not holding my breath. He is 2 months old and still wearing Newborn diapers. lol We tried to see if he could fit in the size ones yet....and the diaper took up most of his body. lol

Well that is all for now. Here are a few pics of little man for ya.
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. he sure is a cute little guy! I was looking at your cool map. i decided not to waste my time because I have only lived in one valley! LOL! Stay happy!