March 13, 2011

Poor baby boys

My poor little man has been having a very rough day. I even called my mommy so I could talk to her and vent a little.
Riley has Colic. when we went to the Dr. last time he told us that Riley had Colic. I wasn't so sure because he wasn't really screaming. Well right now I have the sling on while I sit in a rocking chair in front of the t.v. with the mommy heart beat machine going. Yah Riley has been fussing, crying, and miserable all stinkin day. He woke up at 5 a.m. and hasn't napped all day. He hasn't been able to eat much all day no matter how much we tried to get him to.

I had to call chuck and ask him to come home from work so that we could get some help. I had reached my limit with a crying baby and not even having anything myself to eat. I needed to pump, and Riley wasn't letting me put him down to do so. I needed support. Finally Chuck came home in the evening and gave us a break from each other. Chuck took Riley and worked on soothing him, while I shut the door and pumped while I played on the computer and learned how to digital scrapbook.

After an hour Riley still wasn't calming down, and it was hard to listen to him fuss so much. So Chuck and I loaded Riley up in the car seat and drove to Oakland to the Temple, and then turned around and drove back. Riley had passed out in his car seat while the mommy heart beat machine was running. Well once we pulled off of the freeway and got stopped at a light and then had to pull into the gas station to fill up.....Riley woke up and started to fuss again. Ughhhhhh It is so tiring listening to him fuss, and I feel so bad that nothing I do is soothing him or making him feel better.

Chuck and I stopped by McDonald's and then headed home. When we got home Riley started to really fuss again. So I put the sling on and stuck Riley in it with the mommy heart beat machine on, and then started walking and dancing around the house. And happy day.....Riley conked out cold. I ate my dinner while walking around the house. lol When I would stop to pick up a chicken McNugget Riley would get fussy immediately. lol So I ate on the run as they say. ha ha ha

Chuck moved one of our rocking chairs in front of the t.v. for me and got everything ready for the night shift with Riley. Riley has been asleep on my chest for almost 2 hours now and I am so thankful....and.....I got him to eat 2 ounces!!!! wooohoooo......I want to put him in his crib to sleep......but I am afraid of messing up the good thing we have going in he is asleep and quiet.....and being fuss free at the moment. lol

I rented a scary movie to help keep me awake.....because as long as I am rocking Riley seems to be doing great. I must keep going.....Must not stop rocking......To bad I forgot to ask Chuck to get me a Mt. Dew before he went to sleep. Blast!!

So tomorrow is the start of the big inspection for Chuck. He is pretty stressed and I can't wait for it to be over. He worked all weekend finishing up what he could get done. Hopefully he will get some time off afterwards......but then if he does get time off.....hopefully he will want to spend it with us at home, and not working and working out. lol Yah he isn't so great at not working even when he takes time off. lol

Well that is all for now. Hopefully my baby boy will continue to sleep I know he is exhausted. I don't care if I don't sleep tonight.....I just want him to get some rest.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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