March 16, 2011

San Fran Adventures

Today started off with Chuck and I getting up and hurrying out the door to drive to Sausalito to pick up some free storage bottles that we had found on craigslist. I had talked Chuck into taking us because we all know that even with OnStar my navigation skills are pretty bad. That's right folks....even with turn by turn directions this country bumpkin has managed to get herself lost. And let's face it....I get anxious in the city, this being only my 2nd trip in 3 I don't venture out to much. lol

Well I didn't brush my hair I just pulled it back into a pony tail and threw on some clothes. We made it out the door with our little man in record time. We needed to hurry because Chuck had to be to work by noon. And with traffic that was going to be a real challenge. So Chuck drove and I tried to pump in the back seat....ouch! On our way Chuck asked if I had $ for the toll on the bay bridge. I said yes, reached in the diaper bag and realised that when my loving husband had taken out the burp cloths last night, he had taken things out. So my wallet was not with us. Chuck asked OnStar to take us to the nearest ATM. Well apparently that means the nearest bank. So it took us into downtown Oakland. We couldn't find parking, so Chuck pulled in front of the bank even though it was red. He left the car running, jumped out grabbed some cash from the ATM, jumped back in and we were almost out of there in less than 3 minutes....when......lights flashed and we got pulled over!!! WHAT?!!!

Apparently it was a bus zone. As the extremely large SUV in front of us pulled away...we saw it was a bus zone! BLAST!!! So Chuck got written a ticket. You know normally with the EGA on our license plate....cops don't bother us....but hey this one sure did. He came back and apologized to us and then said that he would have to write Chuck a ticket. Chuck said that's fine, he understood. Then he handed him the ticket.....$260!!! HOLY MOO COW BATMAN!!! That is an insane amount! It would have been cheaper to drive through the fast track lane without a pass and just pay the ticket that way!!! I can't believe this!!!

Chuck was in a pretty bad mood after that. I don't blame him either. He didn't want to come, I begged him so I wouldn't get lost, and cost him $260 for a ticket, and $20 at the ATM. So we drove through San Fran. It was my first time actually driving through the city. Then we got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. I was pretty excited as I haven't done this before. I took tons of pics from the back seat with Riley. ha ha ha We drove to Sausalito found the place where we were to pick up the bottles. I stuck a Thank You card in the back door of the car they were in front of, and we headed out. On the way back we had to pay yet another toll to cross the bridge again. lol go figure. $6 for the Bay Bridge, $6 for the Golden Gate. Chuck pulled over and we stopped at a viewing area so that I could see the bridge up close. We took tons of pictures, and we walked halfway up the bridge before realising that we needed to head back before our parking meter ran out. $1.50 for the parking meter, and $5 for two drinks. We stopped to get a shot glass for our travel collection in our cabinet. We also found a cool bridge and key rack. $35 at the gift shop. We headed back into San Fran and drove down Broadway, and into China Town. We headed back towards Concord.....filled up with Ethanol gas $30 and then stopped in at Chuck's work to drop some things off. We changed Riley's diaper only to find that the wipes had been taken out last night as well. So we improvised with some wet paper towels. ha ha ha We stopped in to say hi to Uncle Mike (1st. Sgt.) Then headed over to exchange Chuck's pipes that he had ordered because they were the wrong ones. We hit up the mall to eat at Sbarro's....we call it Sombrero's. lol $26 for 4 pieces of pizza....ouch! Then we headed to get some things we needed $76....ouch.....

We came home and I opened the bag that we had picked up in San Fran. I was curious because it was a lot heavier than 75 plastic bottles should be. But I double checked the name tag and it said my name. I opened the bag to find some great treasures for our little man. Clothes in sizes he doesn't have, some books, and best of all....pumping items that I didn't even know were made....and I am so thankful for them!!! ;-D

Holly you are amazing....Thank you so very much for spoiling my little man!!! ;0)

So even though our day started off a little ended great! Chuck was able to spend the day with us, and we had an adventure! ;0) Here are some pics for you to see.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. Oh my goodness - those "free" items became awfully expensive! The pictures are priceless, though, and I so happy to hear the items have gone to good use! (Though I must say, I thought I threw the books out - give them a read and you'll see why. I think the one about the lobster and the bunny will spark another blog topic for you!) Wishing you all the best, Holly