March 4, 2011


All day long I feel like I am bursting with things to tell you all. But then when I actually have a few seconds to blog....I can't remember it all. This mommy brain is a pain. I need to do a few product reviews for some of the baby items I got because I think they are so awesome. But I want to tell everyone about Riley and I.

Yesterday Riley had his 6 week check up. He did pretty good most of the day. He slept for half of it, and then cuddled with his mom for the other half. Then around 5 p.m. he started to fuss. Well the fussing got worse and worse. His crying changed. It wasn't his normal fussing or grunting that he normally does. And his face was all scrunched up like he was in pain. We gave him some Tylenol and it seemed to sort of help. He cuddled with his dad for a little while. And I cleaned around the house. But my poor little guy seemed really miserable. He couldn't keep his dinner down, and seemed to be getting worse. We finally got him to keep 1 1/2 oz down around 10p.m. and gave him some more Tylenol. He passed out shortly after. He didn't sleep any longer than he normally does which was disappointing. I figured he would have. But he wasn't crying in pain like he had been. Chuck and I didn't get much sleep, and I of course had to get sick in the middle of the night. Go figure. But this morning when we got up he seemed a little better. Chuck had to leave earlier this morning because it is a drill weekend and he needed to be there before the reservists. Well that threw our whole schedule off this morning. Normally when Chuck gets up I get up with him and pump while he feeds and takes care of Riley. If I don't do that then I won't be able to again for hours and then by then I am in pain. So this morning when Riley woke around 2 I fed him and such. But he took forever to fall asleep and just seemed to need to be cuddled. Well I didn't realise that he had fallen asleep with me. Don't worry he won't be crushed. The way he gets to lie I can't harm him. So we had fallen asleep together, and I didn't wake when Chuck got up. BLAST!!! So when Chuck was leaving he came in to say goodbye. I had him pick up Riley and move him to his bed so I could go pump. I got about 20 minutes in before Riley woke at his normal time.

This morning I opted to shower while Riley was awake. I put him in his bouncer and brought him in the bathroom with me. He likes the sound of running water, and so was content to let me shower since I think I was starting to smell as it had been 3+ days since my last one. lol I got all showered up and as I was rinsing the soap out of my hair he decided he was done. lol so I rushed at the end, but hey I got a bath, and I got to shave my legs!! lol

Riley took a small nap today and I opted to take one with him as I didn't get much sleep last night or yesterday. When I woke up I was trying to figure out how to quietly slip out of bed to use the restroom without waking my little man. I wasn't successful at all. But it was chow time for him, and so I got him all ready and fed him in bed.

While he was eating I got a text from simply said "WE ARE GOING TO PENDLETON!!!!" I figured this meant one of two things. That for some reason he had to go to go to Pendleton for drill today and the bold text meant he was annoyed.....or that we got the orders to Pendleton that we have been hoping for. I called Chuck and asked.....and sure enough....We got new orders!!! wooohooo So we are going to Pendleton sometime this year, and then I guess our next orders will be to Japan in 3-4 years! I am really happy about these new orders as Chuck will deploy. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. And so to be in the San Diego area when he goes is such a blessing because I will have a support system there of friends and family that will be able to help me with Riley if I need it. I normally do pretty good alone when Chuck deploys but this one will be different as Riley is a part of our family now. I can't even express what a relief this is to get these orders!!! Prayers were answered, and I know 1st Sgt. Worked some serious mojo magic to get us these!!! Thanks Uncle Mike.....You are wicked awesome and a great 1st Sgt. ;0)

I am for sure going to miss this place when we move. We have made some really great friends here, that have become an extension of family. Our ward family has been awesome, and our Marine Corps family has been fun, supportive, and brought us all closer. I am so thankful that we got to be a part of the Concord Marines. Being in the fleet wives don't often get to experience the Corps like I did here. I have been able to really see what happens in the corps, and it has helped me understand things I normally wouldn't have. I will also miss being a part of Toys 4 Tots.

After our next duty station I guess the monitor told Chuck that we will be going to Japan. I am also excited about this. I am stressed and excited. I am stressed about the whole moving portion as it is always stressful to move. But moving overseas is going to be interesting. But I am so excited to be able to experience another culture, and travel. SWEET! And this will be a really neat experience for Riley!!! He will be 4 ish when we move, and so will be able to understand some things better. I am sad I will be so far from family, but hopefully they can come visit.

I need to wash Riley's bottles daily. I wash the parts to my pump, and I wash his bottles. I wash in the morning and at night. Well the other night Chuck got in the shower and I remembered that I hadn't washed them yet. So I took Riley and propped him on the counter since he is so small he fit right next to me and the sink. He wasn't able to roll anywhere as the fridge was behind him, and a small oven on one side and me on the other. So I wrapped him in a blanket, and set him on the counter. I washed dishes while singing Itsy Bitsy spider to him. lol It was funny. He likes the sound of running water a lot. ha ha ha

Well that is all for now. I will continue to keep you all updated.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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