March 1, 2011

Mother of the year award right here!!!

Things are going well here at our house. Momma Bear and Pappa Bear are a little sleep deprived, but otherwise loving our little Polar Bear. And our Black Bear and Brown bear are being a great older brother and sister. ha ha

So pretty much through my pregnancy Chuck and I have called each other momma bear and pappa bear. When Riley was born we noticed he was covered from head to toe in white hair. Everyone told us it would fall off....but it hasn't. He still has this little coating on his back and shoulders and legs of white hair. So we started calling him our Polar Bear when he was born. Harley always makes this funny deep throated growl when he gets really excited about going outside for a walk. We have always called him a bear. And so we naturally named Paige our Black Bear. That is how we have become a Beary family. ha ha ha

Yesterday was a good day. Riley took a nap with me for almost an hour, and it was much needed. Afterwards Riley and I drove to Martinez to go to Wal-Mart. We normally avoid this store because it is pretty ghetto. But my vitamins are a lot cheaper there than at Target or Lucky's. So we made our rounds in the store, and Riley ended up flirting hard core with a cute little old lady. ha ha ha
Afterwards we went to Chuck's work to visit him and try to get him to go out to eat with us. He was to busy, so we hung out for a bit while I fed Riley. Then we finally convinced Chuck to leave earlier than he normally does. Everyone else had already left work for the day, but normally he stays until 6:30 p.m. So he left around 4 and we ran to target first to get some bottles for Riley. While we were at Target Riley woke up and started fussing. He is not a fan of being strapped down in his car seat. I unbuckled him and left him in the seat, and he calmed down and went back to sleep. We finished up our shopping and then headed back to the car. Chuck loaded Riley in and then got his bike gear out of the car since he rode his Harley there. I drove back across town so we could meet up at home and then we were going to go to the Hickory pit for some din din. When we got home I was able to carry all the grocery's in one hand and Riley's carrier in the other into the house. He was passed out asleep so I set his carrier in the chair while I set the shopping down, and then used the restroom. Chuck came home minutes later and picked up Riley's carrier as he had woken and started fussing. He uncovered him and asked why I had unbuckled him as we were just leaving again. !!!!! I was shocked!!! I put my hand over my mouth as I realised that I had driven across town with him unbuckled!!!! I can't believe I did that. I wasn't the one to put him back in the car....but I should have remembered that I had unbuckled him!!! I am so thankful nothing happened and he is all right! I would never have been able to forgive myself if Riley was hurt of killed because of my irresponsibility!!!
That is not the first offense either. Last week Chuck took me to Fudruckers for some din din and Riley was sleeping. We were seated near a loud table so we got up and moved across the room. I set Riley's carrier in the chair next to mine and then turned to see where Chuck was. He was picking up the food since our order was ready. I got up and walked across the room to help him before realising that I HAD JUST LEFT MY KID AT THE TABLE!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!!! So that is why I have earned the mother of the year award for sure! aughhhhhhh

On a happier note......Riley gave me his first smile on purpose on Sunday!!! I was burping him and was tapping his lip with the burp cloth and he smiled and laughed a little!!! I just about jumped out of my skin I was so excited! I called Chuck and told him and my mom. lol That night he also gave Chuck a smile when Chuck was teasing him. It is so awesome to see my little man smile. I have even been lucky enough to catch it on video, so I just need to figure out how to upload it here so all can see his handsomeness. lol

Being a mommy has been pretty awesome. Even though Breastfeeding has become impossible, and I am tired beyond belief......It is so worth the pain from pumping several times a day for half an hour to an hour each time, and the lack of sleep. I don't even mind the poopy diapers or being puked on like I thought I would. lol Now give him a few years and I am sure I will mind about that very much.....but for now it's all good. I love watching Riley sleep. He makes the cutest faces, and it is so fun to see. He is noticing his surroundings more and more now. And also is trying to become an avid Television watcher like his father even though I don't want him to. I know he can't really see it and is just noticing colors and shadows on the screen. But it is not a habit I want him to learn for a few years. ha ha Last night when we were at the Hickory Pit I had to feed him in the middle of our dinner. Well what do ya know there was a big screen t.v. right above our table and a basketball game was going on and Riley just couldn't tear his little self away from watching it. ha ha I think he was just interested in the Oranges and reds he was seeing, but made it hard for me to get him to stop watching and eat his chow! ha ha When I went to change him I found out they had no changing table in the women's or men's restroom!! Wow!! I got to try and change him on the counter that had a big trash hole in the middle that Riley was small enough to fit in. Grrrrrr

Today Riley took a nap for almost 3 whole hours!!! I got to take it with him and I sure needed it! He is napping again now, but instead of pumping I opted for a little blogging time. ha ha I will still need to pump and hopefully Riley will allow that.
This afternoon we are supposed to do the grocery shopping, hit up target for something that I forgot, and go to Chuck's work so he can take the car to go buy a batter for our other car. I guess I should stop blogging now so things can get done.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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