March 3, 2011

Big Boys!!

Today was Riley's 6 week check up. I can't believe he is getting so old. He weighed in at 8lbs. 4oz! He is getting so big. I told him not to, but he isn't listening to me very well. ha ha ha He had his first 4 shots, and the first one shocked him. He looked at Chuck like why would you do this? The second shot made my poor little man cry. I think it hurt me more watching him get these shots than it did him. I'm not going to lie....I almost cried. The oral one he took was so funny to watch. He was sticking his tongue out and was looking at us like what on earth is this stuff. ha ha ha He is so cute and handsome. ;0)
He still isn't gaining enough weight. He is all right for now, but he is still in the lower part of his age group. I have been trying to get Tri-Care to approve me for a hospital grade pump so I can feed Riley. We tried giving him formula in the hospital and that didn't work out so well. He couldn't keep it down. And I never wanted him to have formula in the first place. (personal preference) To rent a pump is $100 a month. So my options on what I can feed my son are dwindling away. We submitted a request and it got denied. They said the reason it got denied was because it wasn't for personal convenience. What?!!! It's personal convenience for my son to get chow? So we are going to contest it. Riley's doctor said he is going to call the medical director himself and speak with him. I am also going to write a personal letter as well. Hopefully this time Tri-Care will help.

Riley is showing his smiles and a little bit of his personality more and more now. It is pretty fun to watch. Also we are finding a routine. It's not the best one, but it is one for now and is better than the unknown. ;0) Riley's late morning...early afternoon nap has been with me lately. I have tried to get him to sleep in his crib for this one, but he doesn't sleep very long in it. And I found out that if he sleeps with me I can keep resetting the vibrator thing we took off of the bouncer, and he is no match for it. He will take an average 2-3 hour nap if I do this, and that means I normally get one as well. True I have to keep waking up when he fusses when the vibrating stops.....but it is still a nap, and I need it. ;0) I just really need one night off where I get to sleep through the whole night. I am hoping that maybe Chuck will take one for the team and let me have a night off.

I have really been loving being a mommy. And I am finding this new independence fun. I don't mind going out in town for errands and doing the shopping just my little man and I. It has been fun lately. It is a hastle getting loaded and unloaded from the car and making sure we have everything packed up in the diaper bag before we leave the house. But it is fun. And it is so rewarding to have people compliment me on Riley. I mean for years all I did was mess up. And I haven't looked like a hottie in years. So compliments never felt real to me. I felt like they were more of a pity sometimes. But when people are telling me how awesome Riley is.....I have to smile and agree that he really is the coolest little man in the whole world!!!

Well I need to go and accomplish something today. Here are some pictures to tie you over until next time.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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